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      Choosing a Trustworthy Property Management Company is Key.

      Find a company that specializes in full-time property management. Find a member of the National Association of Residential Property Managers.

      Condo Metropolis is a fully licensed, Orlando Property Management Service.

      We offer comprehensive property management services throughout the Orlando Metro area to make your rental property experience both simple and profitable.

      If you own, or are thinking about purchasing rental property in Orlando, you need to understand the legal complexities of trying to manage your own property, particularly from out of state. No other area of real estate is so fraught with lawsuits.

      Our years of experience could save you thousands of dollars, keep you legal, and give you the peace of mind that your Orlando real estate investment is being properly handled.

      Don't get caught out by an unscrupulous property manager that will offer to do the job cheaper than everyone else, and then leave you high and dry. Most of our current clients have come from other Orlando property management companies that have done just that.

      Read more here about what we have to offer investors and landlords who are looking for honest and reliable property management in Orlando.