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  • Rental Property Management in Orlando

  • Professional Orlando Property Management

    The realm of property management is fraught with legal liabilities. There are more lawsuits in this area of real estate than any other. Select a partner that is committed to property management, rather than a Realtor who is doing property management "on the side." Check out some of our designations and memberships!~

    • NARPM® = National Association of Residential Property Managers
    • REPM = Real Estate Property Manager
    • ACRE® = Accredited Consultant in Real Estate 
    • NAR® = National Association of Realtors
    • GRI® = Graduate, REALTOR® Institute
  • What We Do As Your Property Manager

    • Advertising, marketing and conducting rental showings
    • Screening tenants: credit & background checks, and lease preparation
    • Registering new tenants & owners with the HOA/COA
    • Coordinating maintenance requests with vendors. Paying invoices
    • Coordinating renter move-ins & move-outs
    • Monthly rent collection from tenants and deposit via secure ACH payment to your bank
    • Monthly statement of income and expenses to owners
    • Periodic property visits to conduct inspection of properties
    • Service of legal “3-day Notices” in the case of default in rent payment and eviction assistance
  • Foreign Nationals

    About 75% of our property management clients are from other countries. Many purchased their investments through our real estate division.

    We are used to assisting with the various issues that confront you from so far away and we are confident that we can take the stress out of managing your investment.

    We can also help you will some of the more technical aspects of foreign investment. For example, if you are renting out your property, you must report your U.S. earnings to the IRS on form W-8ECI. Make sure you pick a property management company that can assist with your potential tax implications. We would be happy to refer you to a specialist accountant to assist you with this. You may also find this IRS link for general information.

  • Finding A Good Tenant

    In today’s climate, it’s never been harder. Bankruptcies and foreclosures have lead to lower credit scores, and prior evictions are common. Unlike some Orlando property management companies, we don’t take the first applicant to put a check in our hand. We may show your place a dozen times before we find a qualified applicant. Why? Because it’s worth it. Taking a quick renter might make you happy in the short run, but we’ve learned from experience that having to evict them three months later for non-payment of rent, costs more time and money.
    Apart from court fees, you could lose a couple of month’s rent to the eviction process itself, not to mention cleaning up any damage that might have been done. So think twice before you choose your Orlando property management company based on what looks to be a lower monthly charge. Because like everything else in life, property management companies will give you exactly the level of service you pay for.
  • What Our Clients Are Saying:

    Happy customers make happy property managers!

  • We bought our very first investment property in Metrowest in 2009 and one near Disney in 2010 through Marcus. Since we live in Missouri, this was an act of faith. After our first purchase, he graciously offered to manage our property for us, and we have been extremely pleased. Our condos in Florida are cash flow positive and virtually effortless for us. Marcus and his associates at Condo Metropolis LLC have proven to be trustworthy and responsive. We would highly recommend them.

    (G. Bacus MO)

  • It was a pleasure working with you to purchase our condo. All went smoothly (and fast) considering the distances involved. We very much appreciated your video of the unit. It allowed us to make the offer with more confidence. We will certainly recommend your services in the future.

    (R. Welch, Canada)

  • From offering objective, unbiased advice to being ever-responsive, Marcus is one of the best Realtors I've worked with. Being based out of N.J., navigating the choppy waters of condo foreclosure in distant Orlando seemed really challenging to me, but thanks to Marcus, it was a smooth affair through-and-through. Marcus's excellent analysis of the Orlando condo market made my investment decision easier and it's turned out to be a good one. I would recommend him in a heartbeat.

    (R. Singh, N.J.)

  • I must say to this point it has been a totally different experience with your management company compared to the others I have been dealing with. Thanks!

    (D. Forrest, Missouri)

  • Being a property owner at the Madison now with you behind the wheel, I feel tranquilized and assured that the condo is looked after in a good way. You also meet my expectations of good communication, reliability and fast response to inquiries. I think you care for your customers and readily inform of any problems, real estate regulations, or need of maintenance on the property..

    (A. Gustavsson, Sweden)