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  • Orlando Property Management Site Launch

  • For some years now, our Orlando real estate division and our Orlando property management division have been sharing the same online space. And so we decided that after some growth, it was time to launch a dedicated property management site.

    This new site offers a more detailed introduction to our property management division for new investors, and it gives a more streamlined experience for renters. With one click, renters can now submit their rent payments online, and also make maintenance requests by using the hot buttons on the home page. There also many articles for both renters and owners concerning the most common issues that we face each month.

    As time goes on, we hope to develop rich content for this site but for now, all that remains is for us to thank those of you who have been Condo Metropolis customers since we opened in 2006 - and we'd also like welcome those who have more recently joined our family. 

    We hope you enjoy the new site and if you have any suggestions, don't hesitate to let us know.