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  • Buying & Selling Orlando Property Management Companies

  • Are you thinking of selling your Orlando Property Management company? Maybe you don’t have a “company” a such; maybe you’re an Orlando real estate agent that just manages a small number of units. Maybe you’ve come to the conclusion that managing homes just isn’t for you. And who could blame you.

    Many Florida property managers get into property management by default. Perhaps they’re Orlando real estate agents and some of their buyers turned out to be investors. The investor’s first question after closing was “Hey, will you manage my home for me?” And that’s how it begins.

    Seemed like a good idea at the time, right? Then you slowly discovered that property management can often be more trouble than it’s worth. The endless late night maintenance calls, the inspections, late rents, the evictions. All while trying to conduct your regular real estate business.

    If this describes your situation, then we might be interested in purchasing your doors. Based in Orlando, our property management company is always growing. So if you’re thinking of selling your Central Florida property management business, give us a call. If you’re wondering “What’s my property management company worth?” then of course, like everything else, the answer isn’t easy. As our attorney likes to answer to everything – it depends. On many factors.

    When selling a property management business in Orlando, you may not want to cash-out and walk. Perhaps you just need a partner. It’s possible. We strive for a win-win.

    Call us on (407) 901-5161 – or drop in and see us at our property management office at the Madison Condos, 2510 Robert Trent Jones Dr. Orlando FL 32835.