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  • Air Conditioning: What Owners Need to Know

  • Does Your AC Unit Look Like This?

    Orlando: Muy Caliente!
    In Florida, it's not unusual to see 90+ degree days for months at a time. When the air conditioning unit fails, tenants get very upset, very quickly, and understandably so.

    So how much does it cost to replace an AC unit? It's not cheap. About $3000 on an average sized condo. That includes the handler inside the unit and the condenser outside as well as labor. These units, like tires, are usually replaced simultaneously since they are usually of the same age.

    We know it's exasperating when you find your profit for the year disappear before your eyes, but unfortunately, it's part of the cost of being a property investor. Hopefully you were made aware of the age of the unit via a property inspection before you purchased the home.

    Service Your Unit!
    Like changing your vehicle's oil, an AC unit needs to be regularly maintained. Usually once a year upkeep is recommended. Unfortunately, many owners forego this expense, which is a bad idea.

    How Do I Know When It's Time?
    It may be time to pull out that check book if you have an AC unit that is more than 10 years old, and you are starting to get hit with monthly call-outs charges as a result of tenants calling for service. At some point, you will realize that with each invoice coming in at about $200-300 dollars, fixing it each month will prove more costly than replacing it.

    At Condo Metropolis, we deal with this issue every month and we'll talk with you if we are calling out AC techs on your behalf on a regular basis. If replacement is recommended, we will refer you to a preferred vendor that we trust, and we will co-ordinate the installation for you. Rest assured, Condo Metropolis enjoys no kick-back on these installations and we will not advise replacement for the fun of it!