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    When a tenant is late with rent, we will typically serve them a 3-Day Notice To Pay or Quit. This usually gets their attention. If not, and it's clear that they have no intention of paying, we will call you and present you with options. 

    Evictions, while fairly quick and relatively inexpensive in Florida, are nevertheless a pain we can all do without. If we can work things out with a tenant, it may work our cheaper in the long run to do just that. In other cases, we may be left with no choice and we will usually seek redress from the court in the form of an eviction.

    In Florida, if the tenant doesn't request a hearing and / or fails to follow the instructions contained in the summons, we can usually effect the eviction on your behalf, without any need to involve an attorney or incur substantial expense (less than $500).

    On the other hand, if the court believes that the tenant has a case, and allows a hearing, you will be required to either attend the hearing yourself, or hire an attorney to represent you. Although this circumstance is rare, things can get expensive quickly, which is why eviction is usually a last resort.